Eligibility & Criteria

Eligibility Guidelines

The nominee must:

• Have primary residence must be in Canada & have a valid Canadian address.
• Be 21 years of age or younger for the year which they are being considered.
• Submit their nomination and supporting documents by 11:59 PM on February 28, 2021.

Achievement Criteria

The Selection Committee will deliver their evaluation based on credible and objective evidence, of the nominee’s achievements in each of the following selection criteria:

• Social Responsibility
• Agent of Change & Innovation
• Influence & Leadership
• Community Development & Tangible Impact

The ideal candidate will be an active member engaged in the community, a visionary with leadership qualities, a creative problem-solver, disciplined in performance, and generous in contributions for the greater good and innovation in Canada.

Additional Information

• Anyone can nominate an individual residing in Canada for consideration.
• Nominees may be required to complete an online application that will be sent to them via Email following the nomination deadline.
• All materials are held in strict confidentiality and applications will be reviewed by Genzup selection committee.
• All nominees who participate will be notified March 17, 2022.

For further information, visit our FAQs.